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My Mission:

To help Heart-Centered Small Business Owners, Movement Teachers, Coaches, Consultants, and Freelancers to Break Out of Their Shell, Become More Creative, and Edit Themselves.

I want to help you discover how to plan, shoot, edit, and share your own videos so that you can attract the right audience–  while having fun, and maximizing efficiency.

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I'm Scott Markowitz:

I've been a TV/Film Editor and Visual Effects Artist for over 20 years.

The people (and dog) in my life have taught me to be a caring and sharing person.  So now, I teach creative self-starters how to expand their creativity, build new video skills, and make their own engaging video content faster than they ever thought possible!

Are you Crushing It On-Camera, Like A Boss?

You're About To! If you freeze up like a popsicle when it's GO time, then I've got the CURE.

Every Creative Self-Starter should have a plan.  Start Here to make sure you're on the Road to Success!


This FREE Video Mini-course will teach you why you feel anxious in front of camera- and HOW TO FIX IT!

I share the budget-minded options along with my top-picks for you to build up your video/photography kit.

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Learn how other Creative Self-Starters Forged Their Own Path To Success and Happiness.

Season 1 Has Wrapped Up

In our first season, I spoke to some amazing folks who all helped me build up enough courage to leave my high-paying, high-stress, non-rewarding job that I thought I'd be stuck in forever.  Don't miss Episode 1, with Television's Marc Summers.  He and I collaborated on Dinner:Impossible for the Food Network, and he shared how he persevered early obstacles to achieve hard-earned success. 

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Stop With The Silence!

The world needs you to speak up, and share your unique point of view. START HERE to gain the skills (and the chutzpah) to make yourself a media master!

During The Day, I've Edited For Some Heavy Hitters!

Over 20 Years (and counting), here's some of the brands that I've edited for.

I've Learned From The Best.

Having also worked with the nation's top agencies, I've been able to learn a great deal. My unique position has allowed me to see what works. Let me share it with you, so you can see big results, too.


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