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I've been a pro in the TV/Film industry for over 20 years.  I'm very particular about the equipment I purchase for my studio.  The standards I adhere to for quality and durability are very high.  

Now, you can see the exact gear that I'm using to produce motion pictures for my clients and for my own home social media and marketing.

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I've already tested what works.  This guide spells out the exact gear I use in my own video production projects- for myself, my friends, and my clients- It's all the same gear.


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It's near-impossible to sort through the heaps of advice you get from semi-professionals all over YouTube, Pintrest, and Instagram.

Let an industry pro for over 20 years help you cut through the noise.

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Not only do I share the exact gadgets in my gear bag, but I also tell you what works best if you're on a boot-strapper's budget.  Hey, if money's no object, I even tell you what's the absolute best gear to get.


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