Imagine Stepping On Camera Without Fear or Anxiety. And then, Feeling Great About Your Performance Every Time!

Dear Aspiring Video Creator,

I'm ready to walk you through my proven process that will allow you to master your video performances on camera- even if you currently freeze up like a popsicle when the camera goes on.

Here's how The On-Camera Cure works:  It's a 4-part, take-you-by-the-hand online course, that is guaranteed to get you feeling comfortable, confident, and at-ease on camera.  By the time you're done, you'll have your first video ready to post, if you simply follow my instructions.

In 2009, I set out to begin a YouTube Channel.  

Problem was, I found myself nearly paralyzed whenever I turned the  camera on.
I even resorted to ridiculous costumes to hide my face- thinking it would help.

That was me dressed up like a camcorder!

You see, it was so uncomfortable for me to be on camera, that I would try all kinds of goofy things to make it ok.  But it never felt right- UNTIL I used my unique work experience and came up with a new system to CURE my on-camera anxiety.

Hey, I'm Scott Markowitz.
Not trying to brag, but here's what you need to know about me.  I've been a TV/Film editor and visual effects artist for over 20 years.

  • For CNN Headline News, I was a news editor.
  • I am Co-Creator of Dinner:Impossible, and was Supervising Editor for multiple shows on Discovery and Food Network.
  • Companies like Boars Head, Cartoon Network, Toyota, Starkist Tuna, Krystal- and so many more I can't even remember- have trusted me to produce, direct, and/or edit their big budget advertising.
  • As an accredited Visual Effects Artist, I've worked on motion pictures such as Teeth, Shadow Boxer, and Happy Tears with Demi Moore, Rip Torn, and Parker Posey.
  • For both sides of the isle, I've edited over 1,000 political ads- and still counting.
  • In 2015, I even started my own video production company. 

Now, I'm Director Of Post Production for Contrast Creative Agency- responsible for every piece of video content that leaves our facility.

The On-Camera Cure Was Born

With my experience working with actors and pitch artists, I developed a system to stop feeling frozen on camera.  I developed The On-Camera Cure so I would be FREE to be myself on camera. 

Because if my platform was going to be successful, my video content would have to showcase my personality and presence.

By watching what the politicians, actors, actresses, news reporters and anchors did as they prepared for a performance on camera, I accumulated enough tips and tricks to put that kind of system together. 

It's called The On-Camera Cure, and I selfishly kept it to myself for almost 7 years. 

Today, I'm going to begin sharing it with you.

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Still Not Sure?

No Worries.  My Product Comes With A 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee!

I'm ready to prove everything I'm claiming.  Access the training right now and see for yourself within the next 30 DAYS.  If The On-Camera Cure does not live up to the claims stated here... then I did't deserve your money, and I'll give back every penny to you.  No hassles from me and we'll part friends.  100% Money-Back Guaranteed.

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I look forward to personally guiding you to where you'll be able to step in front of a camera whenever you want or need to.  I'm anxious to help you feel the elation of "nailing it" on-camera.  The feeling is awesome, and when you can begin to feel it, your channel and/or marketing will have a whole new value for your audience and you'll wonder why I didn't charge you 5X as much!


Scott Markowitz


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